The Work of Pat Mullins
The Life Work of Pat Mullins was previously available on CD and cassette. To simplify bringing his talks to you we have now made them available via podcast and in mp3 format for you to download to your mp3 player or listen directly off of our site.

How Do I Access These Talks?
To gain access to our existing library of talks in either mp3 format or via our podcast library please enter your email in the link below. This will also allow us to update you as new talks are added to the site. All podcasts are in MP3 Format and can be played from your computer or from an iPod or iPod like Device.

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All talks and podcasts are offered by donation only. Payment is option and is not required to access anything on this site.

Steps for subscribing to Podcast
1. open itunes
2. select Podcasts under library on the left navigation
3. go to ADVANCED menu item
5. Type in the window
6. Select OK
7. It takes about 3-5 minutes to download the first one and get the titles for the rest
expand the window of the first one
8. i *think* that will give you most of the talks in that series, i got about 18 in my list, all dim
9. you will see that list of other with the word GET in a button next to the titles.
10. select GET button on each of them, it takes about 3-5 minutes per tak (22-30 minutes each) if you are on comcast cable speed. But at least you don't have to wait around, because if you just hit GET on all of them, they just keep downloading.

REPEAT ABOVE STEPS for each series of talks. I've listed them below:


Chosen In Christ
Blameless in his Sight
In Christ
To Be Dedicated
Snare of the Ephod
Boast in the Crucifixion

From Flesh to the Spirit
Acknowledging Our Need...
Father Thy Will be Done
Dying to Live

Jesus Our All in All
Jesus Our Foregiveness
Jesus Our Love
Jesus Our Healing
Jesus Our Wisdom
Jesus Our Life

Nature In Christ
Blood of the New Covenant
Glory of the Cross
Choosen of Old
Bonds of Unity
My Laws in their Hearts


Steps to Discipleship
Qualities of a Christian
A Life Of Praise
Growing My Spiritual Gifts
The Cost
Dying to Live
Death as our Freedom
Not I, But Christ
Jesus Finisher of Faith
Equipping God's People

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
What Do The Scriptures Say
Preparing to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Introduction to the Gifts
Tongues and Interpretation
Gift of Prophecy
Gifts of Healing
Working of Miracles
The Gift of Faith
The Gift of Faith
Discerning of Spirits
Knowledge and Wisdom
The Excellent Way
The Narrow Way
The Charts
The Compass
The First Step
The Overflow

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