LAFPDL: The meaning behind the name (LAFPDL Poster)

“One acronym that I will never forget is LAFPDL. It was on Grandpa’s license plate, it was his email address, but mostly it was the motto by which he lived. The L stands for Love, the A for Acceptance, the F for Forgiveness, the P for “Pray for” the D is for “Do good for,” and the last L is again for Love. That is the most perfect acronym to describe him, he did everything out of love.”
- Jacob Mullins (Grandson)

Pat wrote the following description of LAFPDL:
“The letters are from six scriptures the Lord spoke to my heart that are His process of the Holy Spirit revealing jesus in us - to us - and through us- to bring us to an AGAPE love in any / all / relationships.  (I use a New English Bible)”

L = Love the command only He can fulfill; how do you do this Lord? What is the love you command of us? hear and do what I tell you by the power of the Holy Spirit. - John 14:34 & 2 John 6 & 1 John 5:1-3

A = Accept in the same way as Christ accepted us we must choose to accept each other. - Romans 15:7

F = Forgive unconditionally as you have been forgiven, and refuse to remember the offence against you. - Matthew 6:14-15 & Hebrews 10:17 & 1 Cor 13:6

P = Pray for those who presecute you pray for them and love them with my love by hearing and obeying Me. - Matthew 5:44

D = Do good to the people who are your persecutors & love them by hearing and obeying Me. - Luke 6:35

and the Lord said and if you will faithfully hear and do these things in the power of My Spirit you will experience the love I speak of:

L = Love as I love you (Agape Love) - 1 Cor 13 & John 14:15



• "From out of the heart of our Father's love (heart)
• From the beginning to the end of time (Alpha & Omega)
• God has desired a family to love and receive love in return.
• God spoke His Word (double-edged sword)
• And humanity was created.
• The written word (Bible)
• and the spoken Word (Sword)
• are one reality of god.
• God had made a covenant with His man, (rainbow)
• and it was broken in the Garden,
• But through the Cross of Jesus Christ (in the midst of the rainbow)
• God's original plan of fellowship resumes in victory.
• Jesus finished His work of redemption and ascends to His rest
• And the Holy Spirit (in the midst of the rainbow)
• Assumes the responsibiliity of completing the Father's plan,
• Revealing god, in Jesus of Nazareth, as the savior of the world.
• Finally, all that god had spoken in the covenant with man is brought to a conclusion when
• all in the created universe must bend it's knee and confess that by God's doing,
• JESUS IS LORD! (banner)
• The entire drama is set on a shield the symbol of faith (background outline)
• which is the symbol of our decision to believe God's Word,
• And because we believe, we let our lives be guided by these facts,
• and belief with action is Faith.
• "In Christ, God chose us before the world was founded, to be dedicated, to be without blemish in His sight, to be full of love." [NEB]

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